The Quality Driven Values at Strides has fuelled our growth in recent years making it one of the fastest growing providers of branded and unbranded generic medicines. We have built strong relationships with healthcare professionals and those in the medical supply chain as a trusted partner in caring for people’s health.

In the OTC arena Strides also prides itself on a reputation not only for quality but also reliability and value. We have built expertise in children’s oral health with our Punch & Judy™ range, skincare with Aquabar™ & Skincalm™ and in Gastrointestinal health with our Loritax™ brand.

As the leading supplier of some of the best known active molecules, such as Ibuprofen, we are also the name behind private label and branded OTC medicines around the world with expertise in pain relief, gastrointestinal health and allergy relief.

So when you see a branded or unbranded product from Strides it come to you with a wealth of experience, expertise and passion to make individual lives better.

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